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Welcome to the homepage of the RAGGATRAXX Archival Repository [ Rx2_AR ]!

This is a hobbyist side-project by RUMBLERAGGA focusing on the archival of lost and/or rare media.

Find any broken links? Missing files? Metadata errors? Typos? Any other questions or concerns? Contact me:

Here's the catalog of all the 'releases' ever made by Rx2_AR !

All releases have received digital touch-up jobs and minor remastering work, unless otherwise noted.

I recommend using Ctrl+F (or Command+F on Mac) if you're looking for any specific releases.

If a release is still in print and available for purchase, links will be provided to the purchase page. Please support the artists directly when possible!

  • Albums are color-coded as follows:

  • GREEN: Releases that are no longer in print.

  • RED: Releases that have been removed due to copyright status.

  • BLUE: Releases that are still available for sale by the original artists.

Catalog NumberAlbum TitleArtistYearGenreLinks
RX2-001-WAVThe Uncalled Four (Plus One) at the Treasure IslandThe Uncalled Four (Plus One)1968Jazz/Dixieland Jazz/Live MusicThe Internet ArchiveYouTube